Website Fully Designed & Setup




  • Includes 1 Year hosting + 1 Year Emails + Domain Names
  • Payment Gateway
  • Sales CRM
  • Live Chat plug in
  • E-Marketing Course 

The global lockdown requires innovative thinking for businesses. This is also the perfect time for us to learn new skills that can prepare us for the digital online boom. I predict that there is going to be a MASSIVE boom in online businesses. Globally, tens of millions of people that were once offline shoppers, are now becoming online shoppers and growing. People that used to drive to offices are now learning how to work from home. And this can be a good thing for all. All companies are now being forced to adopt modern technology.

Coronavirus pandemic is going to significantly fast track people’s adoption, and appreciation, of digital commerce.  The online industry is likely to become even more viable than before.                

  • We are still business as usual during the shutdown phase as all our staff works from home.
  • We can implement a fully work from home strategy for your business and launch your business online.
  • Businesses need to get in early and prepare for this boom.


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